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frances lambe sculptor

Lambe’s work is drawn from a convergence of contrasting sources.
Her work contains the counterpoint of opposites;

+ smooth | textured,
+ minimal | intricate,
+ single | multiple,
+ convex | concave,
+ still | moving,
+ microscopic | vast,
+ surface | interior,
+ vertical | horizontal

The work springs from visual research into disparate areas of interest including geography, biology, botany and astronomy. She is fascinated by the visual ‘inter-relatedness’ of life on our planet. Life forms that exist underwater mimic those on land. Visual information distilled from a variety of sources is combined in individual pieces. Observed effects of weathering on surfaces influences the form and texture of the work.

Working with a variety of different clays from heavily grogged terracotta through white stoneware to porcelain, the work is usually left unglazed except for the occasional application of oxides. Particular attention is given to finishing each piece to ensure that the surface texture unites with the form. Lambe enjoys exploring the ceramic aesthetic of how each piece is ‘grounded’. Some sculptures sit on multiple bases, others stand on legs, some rock or swivel whilst others are suspended.

The sphere, the oval and undulating forms underpin Lambe’s visual language. The form of each piece is of prime focus. Pieces are constructed using the extended pinch method of hand-building and coiling. The constructed walls form a taut ‘membrane’ between the inner and exterior space. Holes punctuate the surface and link exterior to interior.

Lambe seeks to engage the viewer in a visual dialogue which explores cherished sources of inspiration.